Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 14: 1991 Fleer #68

Barry Larkin
Year: 1991
Brand: Fleer
Card Number: 68

Ah yes, the bright yellow set. The '91 Fleer set will probably go down in baseball card history as one of the most recognizable sets of all time. The "action" shots on the front, the profile pictures on the back, full stats and a bio's what every baseball collector ought to want...if only it weren't for that bright, banana yellow border surrounding everything!

Actually, I have soft spot in my heart for the '91 Fleer set. It features, not 1, not 2, but three different Barry Larkin cards (so that's a plus), plus it was the first set the I collected where the team cards were ordered with consecutive numbers. Since I always liked to sort my cards by team, and by card number, this was the first set where I didn't have to decide which was the "better" way to sort the cards!

Looking at the '91 Fleer card makes me think I really ought to go back through my '91 Fleer set and figure out which cards I'm still missing - I doubt it's too many.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

'91 Fleer will always have a soft spot in my heart because I bought SO many of these as a kid. Just tons of the stuff. I really loved the photography in this set. A huge upgrade from '90 Fleer.

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