Getting Ready for eBay - Part 1

Now the that release for 2009 Allen & Ginter is around the corner, I've decided to try and sell off a few of my cards with the hopes of making enough cash to buy a box of A&G. As many of you know, I tend to collect a lot of sets (see my want list for proof of that)...which means I have a lot of cards from a variety of sets that I'll be posting on eBay in the upcoming week or two (if all goes well).

Of course, before I post on eBay, I like to offer up any of the cards here first for potential trades - if I can fill some of my want lists that's better than cash!

Without further delay, here are the first 7 cards that I plan to list before too long - all from 2009 Topps.

LPR-1: Babe Ruth

I like the "classic" feel that the design of the patch exudes (which makes sense I suppose since it is a reproduction of a patch design from 1921. Babe Ruth is one of the better players featured in the patch set - which is good for my wallet I hope.

LPR-5: Jimmie Foxx

Not a lot special about this particular patch - which is basically a summary of how I feel about Foxx. A good player, but not one that I'm particularly interested in.

LPR-15: Ted Williams

Here's the thing with these patch cards - what team do you associate this card with? Boston because it features Ted Williams or Cleveland because the patch was from the All-Star game in Cleveland and it features a giant, grinning Chief Wahoo?

LPR-27: Ernie Banks

I actually have two of this card, though I'll only be listing one on eBay. At least this particular card has the patch team match the player team, so this one's 100% Cubs!

LPR-29: Roberto Clemente

Clemente is one of the players I wish I had been able to see play live. However, this card is a lot like the Ted Williams card - a player of one team and a patch with a giant grinning Cleveland Chief Wahoo, this time from th 1963 All-Star Game.

LPR-37: Carl Yastrzemski

Another Red Sox with a patch displaying a different team's emblem. This time, it's the All-Star patch from the game in Atlanta.

LPR-45: Cal Ripken Jr.

And finally, in what might be the most boring patch (design wise), the 1983 World Series patch featuring Cal Ripken Jr.

Again, if you'd like to trade for any of these, please check out my want list and let me know. Otherwise, they'll be on eBay before too long where you can bid on 'em!


  1. I need that Ripken patch. I think we spoke once before about
    some possible trading on some 91 topps. Anyway, I have for you 09 Heritage
    Chrome C46 (soriano), #481 (youkilis SP), 09 Topps Legends of the game LG17
    (williams), LG21 (clemente), 09 Turkey Red TR49 (Sheets), TR29 (Quentin).

    Please let me know if that works for the ripken patch.

  2. That's weird about the Chief Wahoo on the Williams and Clemente cards. Do you know if those were official logos used for those all start games? Or were they just something thrown together by the Topps people?

    If they were just Topps designs I don't see why Chief Wahoo would be included.

  3. Shawn, that sounds good to me. Send me an email and we'll work it out!


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