Saturday, June 06, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 21: 1992 Donruss Triple Play #31

Barry Larkin
Year: 1992
Brand: Donruss Triple Play
Card number: 31

The Donruss Triple Play brand was one that eluded me in my childhood, though I can't honestly say that I probably ever would have thought the fire-ish looking border was appealing...I certainly don't think it is now. However, for the Cincinnati Reds, that border is probably much better looking than it would be on say a Toronto Blue Jays card. As for the Larkin card in question, there's not a lot to say - this is a simple card. The front has a nice horizontal photo, the back has a trivia question with Pete Rose the "hidden" answer. A quick look at the stats shows that whoever designed Donruss Triple Play must have hated all things mathematics - that's a pathetic choice of stats to show for only a single year!


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