2009 Topps Heritage (High & Low Series) for Trade

I've got a bunch of Low and High Series 2009 Topps Heritage cards available... As always, any cards listed more than once means that I have that many copies of that card. Please check out my want list to see what cards I am looking for.

Last update: 2/23/18
Gray text means a trade is in progress.
2009 Topps Heritage (Low and High Series) for Trade:

Base Cards:

4. Edinson Volquez
20. Matt Capps
26. Miguel Tejada
29. Johan Santana
59. John Maine
107. Jo-Jo Reyes
119. Wilkin Castillo
140. Lous Marson
144. Matt Antonelli
167. Jeff Mathis
179. Daniel Murphy
197. Orlando Hudson
212. Manny Acta
213. Dusty Baker
218. Ozzie Guillen
229. Kaz Matsui
242. St. Louis Cardinals Team Card
244. Trevor Hoffman
257. Mark Teixeira
272. Scott Olsen
281. Mike Jacobs
295. Casey Blake
352. Cincy Clouters (Votto, Encarnacion, & Bruce)
355. Rick Ankiel
359. Willy Taveras
392. Chad Cordero
402. Adam LaRoche
411. Paul Bako
425. Chad Billingsley
425. Chad Billingsley
503. Aaron Poreda
511. Andrew Bailey
511. Andrew Bailey
548. Cristian Guzman
548. Cristian Guzman
549. Dallas Braden
553. David Aardsma
554. David Eckstein
573. Fu-Te Ni
576. Garrett Olson
585. J.A. Happ
591. Felipe Lopez
591. Felipe Lopez
600. Jeremy Reed
617. Julio Borbon
627. Kyle Farnsworth
631. Laynce Nix
632. Billy Wagner
646. Milton Bradley
648. Trevor Crowe
648. Trevor Crowe
650. Jim Thome
651. Nick Green
655. Omir Santos
673. Yuniesky Betancourt
677. Ryan Sadowski
682. Scott Podsednik


  1. Hey there,
    I was wandering through card blog want lists tonight and came across yours. I checked your list with mine...and though I only have one topps 91 card in my entire collection, it's #35 Greg Maddux, which seems to be one of the few you're missing.

    Card to trade? I've got other cards I'll trade listed on my website, but none on your want lists. But my haves/want list is here: http://greatsportsnamehalloffame.blogspot.com/2009/07/cards-sale-cards-to-trade-or-sell.html

    Email me at gsnhof@gmail.com if you're interested and we'll make something work!

  2. Hey dude. I got a few from your list.

    2009 Goudey 174
    2009 Topps WBC BCS1
    2009 Topps 367,420,543,613,642,647

    I was looking for a few of these heritage cards in return.

    Let me know if you're interested.

  3. Spastik: I'm interested and will shoot you an email tonight.

    Slangon: I'm interested! What cards do you need?

  4. I was looking for these:

    145. Jesse Chavez
    392. Chad Cordero
    NAP6. Tim Lincecum
    TN10. Whitey Ford & CC Sabathia
    NF9: John F. Kennedy

    You can shoot me an email at conditionpoor(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. I'd love the Matt Holliday from High Series if no one else has claimed it. I may have a Chrome or two to send you, but I'll have to check your lists.


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