Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cards on eBay - Topps Short Prints & Commemorative Patches

As I had said earlier this month, I decided (for financial reasons) NOT to chase the 2009 Topps Commemorative Patch set. I also, reluctantly decided to couldn't complete the 2009 Topps short print "set" I've listed all of mine on eBay with the hopes of earning enough money to both pay some bills and maybe buy some new cards (since I certainly can't simply stop buying cards anytime soon)!

If you are looking for any of the following cards:
2008 Allen & Ginter: Ancient Icon - Gilgamesh

2008 Allen & Ginter: No number - Adrian Beltre

2009 Topps: Commemorative Patch: Babe Ruth

2009 Topps: Commemorative Patch: Ernie Banks

2009 Topps: Commemorative Patch: Lou Gehrig

2009 Topps: Commemorative Patch: Walter Johnson

2009 Topps: Short Print: Barack Obama #44

2009 Topps: Short Print: Cy Young #60

2009 Topps: Short Print: Jackie Robinson #30

2009 Topps: Short Print: Rogers Hornsby #10

2009 Topps: Short Print: Ryne Sandberg #350

2009 Topps: Short Print: Lou Gehrig #290

I would be quite honored and happy if you put in a bid on them. You can find all my items for sale here.


beardy said...

hmmmm... something looks awfully familiar about that Beltre mini...

FanOfReds said...

Haha! I couldn't figure out why I still had one of those no numbered cards from last year! I knew I had sold a couple of 'em that I had pulled late last summer... Whoops!

Greg said...

I'll keep an eye on the Sandberg and the Banks, maybe I'll sneak in and bid at the last second. Good luck.

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