Saturday, September 12, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 28: 1993 Pinnacle Hometown Heroes #306

Barry Larkin
Brand: Pinnacle
Subset: Hometown Heroes
Card number: 306

It seems like most collectors have certain brands that they either gravitate to (or away from) more often than other brands. For whatever reason, Pinnacle was always a brand that I stayed away from...making this Barry Larkin card a relatively rare card in my collection!

The front of the card features an almost full card shot of Larkin while the back talks about Barry deciding to attend the University of Michigan instead of going to the Reds in the second-round of 1982.

All told, it's certainly not my favorite Barry Larkin card, but there are plenty of Larkin cards that look much, much worse. Perhaps I should give mid-90s Pinnacle a second look in the future!


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