Saturday, September 19, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 29: 1993 Score Select #23

Barry Larkin
Brand: Score Select
Card number: 23

Of all the early/mid 90s sets, I think the '93 Score Select set is one of the more vastly underrated sets! For the Larkin card, a nice, rather unique action shot on the front of the card is complemented by a more standard photo of Barry hitting on the back. I also like the set features the team logo - I'm always a sucker for that! Finally, there's even enough space on the back of the card for a small writeup and a single year's worth of statistics...not bad at all! It's too bad the entire set is green though, at least for Reds cards since it kind of makes every Reds card look like a Christmas card instead. Even so, not a bad card, and certainly a set I need to go back through and perhaps complete someday.


Crazy Canton Cuts said...

wish he still was helping the Nats

think he left last year

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