Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 30: 1993 Topps Stadium Club #415

Barry Larkin
Brand: Topps Stadium Club
Card number: 415

Now, THIS is what Stadium Club should be all about. Unlike the 2008 iteration of Stadium with nice photos coupled with asinine short prints and duel versions, the 1993 version of Topps Stadium Club was a gorgeous set!

The front of the card features a nice action photo of Barry clearly tagging out a member of the (then) archrival Atlanta Braves. The back of the card, as was typical with Stadium Club sets in the mid-90s, featured some different statistics and a photo of Larkin's Topps rookie card (featured in my first ever Larkin Collection post).

Overall, it's a nice card - not my favorite ever, but certainly a good addition to my Barry Larkin collection.


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