Saturday, October 24, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 33: 1993 Topps Black Gold #11

Barry Larkin
Brand: Topps
Subset: Black Gold
Card number: 11

The 1993 Topps set holds a special honor in my personal collection - it's the first set I can recall buying cards for and hoping to "pull" something special, in this case, a Black Gold card. Of course, my luck when it comes to pulls out of packs is usually pretty poor so I never did experience the joys of cracking a Black Gold card. However, years later my father gave me a complete set of 1993 Topps, including the Black Gold insert set - you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I had TWO Black Gold cards featuring Barry Larkin!

Of course, while the cards were rare, in hindsight they aren't overly special. In fact, the front of the card is almost downright boring with a big splotch of black taking up the majority of the card (I know, I know, black gold, black dominates the card, etc. I don't care, it's still boring). The back of the card features a second photo of Larkin with what can only be described as rather horrible photoshopping - eesh, why a bright white border around part of Mr. Larkin?!


NicoLax24 said...

I actually thought the front of these black gold cards was kinda cool. At least better than the black gold cards of some years. I like the primitive glow effect around the players; it justifies the black background. The Barry Larkin card in this series is also one of the best ones, it's a great pose.

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