Saturday, November 14, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 35: 1993 Upper Deck #245

Barry Larkin
Year: 1993
Brand: Upper Deck
Card number: 245

The 1993 Upper Deck is a beloved set by many collectors. The set features a lot of great photography, including different photos on the front and back. For Mr. Larkin's card, the front shows a unique shot of Barry on third base (I think) after what appears to be a successful stolen base. Heck, look at that slide that he did, it even looks like his jersey is ripped right on his number 11!

The back of the card features a more common shot of Larkin fielding, but it's still quite classy despite the fact that the particular uniform Larkin has on is hideous! My only complain of the '93 Upper Deck set design is the script names. I find it difficult to read a lot of the players names, especially if I'm quickly sorting through a large stack looking for a particular player (or team).


Anonymous said...

This post reminded me to ask whether or not you received those cards I sent to you about two months ago. I wasn't expecting a post about them, of course, but I was curious if they arrived.

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