Sunday, November 01, 2009

Delivery Time! Trade with Jack from All Tribe Baseball

The baseball card blogosphere is full of traders, but few of them are as generous as Jack from the All Tribe Baseball blog.

Awhile back, I sent Jack a few 2009 Allen & Ginter base cards and a couple of mini ad back cards. In return, Jack sent me a bunch of Reds including a 2008 Topps Reds team set which is extra cool because I didn't really collect the '08 Topps set which means most of the cards in the pack are new to me! Jack also sent a pack of "team favorite cards" - the Reds in this case! The package promised 25 Reds cards which was exactly what I got. The highlight of the pack was a Barry Larkin card (that will eventually get its own post). The rest of the pack - well, a few reminders of why the Reds have been so lousy for the decade...and a stark reminder to anyone who thinks "going young" is a foolproof plan...

I remember when the Reds tried to sell the fans on the acquisition of Eric Milton. I know I wasn't happy - and history proved me correct. Milton was (and forever will be) a terrible memory!
Ah yes, Mr. Joey Votto. Votto is a perfect example of why GMs love young talent - when they work out to be something special they are also cheap for a few years. Of course, most young players don't turn out to be stars...which is why teams that make the playoffs are willing to actually pay for proven players while teams like the Reds and Pirates get to sit at home October after October after October after October...
Check out those Reds leaders from 2003. Hard to believe they weren't better huh? When your team leader in wins isn't even in double digits you suck - there's no nice way to put that.

And finally, two young players that management touted as "the next thing" and key pieces of what was supposed to be a new Big Red Machine. Wagner ended up being dealt to Washington as part of "the trade" while Edwin was finally traded this past summer. Obviously neither one lived up to their hype!

And finally, Jack added the coolest piece of the package - a die-cut Barry Larkin magnet! It's certainly a unique addition to my Larkin Collection, and obviously one that I've never even seen in Pennsylvania before!

Thanks a lot Jack - and don't mind my pessimism when it comes to the Reds, I still love them - I just wish they'd be competitive for once! And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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