Saturday, November 07, 2009

Duel Blaster Wars: 2008 Topps Stadium Club - Pack 5

Continuing the 2008 Topps Stadium Club Blaster Wars, it's time to crack open pack #5. Let's see who wins!

Pack 5

Blaster 1:
10. CC Sabathia (-2. Even though he's pictured as a Brewer we all know he's a Yankee)

97. Nolan Ryan (+5. I love the legends cards, I wish Topps had included more of them in the set!)

107. Clayton Kershaw
110. David Purcey
81. Lance Berkman - First Day Issue
Total: 3 points

Blaster 2:
100. Tom Seaver (+5 points. Another legend, always cool)

113. Jeff Clement
139. Jayson Nix
146. German Duran
105B. Chris Carter - First Day Issue
Total: 5 points

Standings so far:
Blaster 1:
37 points
Blaster 2: 39 points
Total cards knocked off my want list: 3

Even though I had all the cards, at least two of the doubles were legends. It's hard to be overly disappointed when your doubles consist of the likes of Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver. Blaster 2 finally pulls into the lead thanks to Brewer-turned-Yankee Sabathia. Which blaster is going to win it in the end? Only one way to find out. Stay tuned! As always, any card that I didn't list as "needed" are available for trade...check out my want list and make an offer!


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