Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

While everyone else will (most likely) be posting pictures of turkeys, stuffing, and cranberry sauce...I'll entertain you with a visitor I saw when I was visiting my parents house a couple of months ago...perhaps I'll see him again while I chow down on a delicious meal at my parent's house this upcoming weekend!


Collective Troll said...

you don't see nearly enough bears on card blogs... bears are scary, but pictures of them at a distance are awesome! I am at my folks house right now and I will be surprised if I see any wildlife beyond confused retirees wandering around looking for the clubhouse... Happy Thanksgiving Nachos!

Anonymous said...

Man, now I really wish I had a picture of the dingo-looking animal I saw at by my place awhile ago. Not nearly as cool as a bear, but I'm pretty sure there aren't supposed to be any dingos where I'm at.

Have a great Thanksgiving! :D

Charley said...

Hey Nacho,

I have several Barry Larkin cards I'm no longer interested in keeping. If you want them, send me your address and I'll be happy to send them your way. You can find my email on my blog page.

Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame

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