Monday, November 30, 2009

Knocking Down Ye Olde Want Lists

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us (it's not official in my book until Thanksgiving, so try all your want advertisers), it's time to give thanks to the many bloggers (and readers) who have helped me narrow down my want lists considerably over the past year.

First up, a second thank you to Jeff from the Topps Heritage Trade Page for the second half of a trade involving the Bob Rush red autograph I pulled awhile back. Jeff knocked off four of the last five cards I needed from the 2007 Topps Heritage set. The only card I'm still missing is a New Age Performers insert card #8.

Here are the cards that Jeff provided me:

2007 Topps Heritage - Baseball Flashback
FB5. Stan Musial

2007 Topps Heritage - New Age Performers
NP3. Alfonso Soriano
NP5. Trevor Hoffman
NP13. Ivan Rodriguez

Second, a thank you to everyone who has traded with me over the lifetime of my little blog. I appreciate all the trades, but I also appreciate everyone who stops by just to say hi or even just to read whatever it is I have to say that day. The only ones I don't wish to thank are the spammers - but they don't actually read this anyway so they probably don't care!

As always, if anyone else would like to work out a trade, please check out my want list and make an offer.


Anthony K. said...


Anthony K. from the Balk four Blog.

I need your email address, so you can get the information for the contest.

Send me an email @ anicolausk at yahoo dot com, so I can get it out to you, thanks.

Play at the Plate said...

Hey Chris...that Stan the Man card is awesome. Good luck finishing that set. I'll keep an eye out at the local shop for that card you need to finish.

JanuskieZ said...

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