2008 Topps Stadium Club cards For Trade

Let's start filling want lists!
Here are my 2008 Topps Stadium Club cards available for trade. Contact me with any offers!

Last update:  12/11/19

5. Russ Martin
7. Torii Hunter
11. David Ortiz
13. Alex Rodriguez
17. B.J. Upton
32. Roy Halladay
37. Hanley Ramirez
38. Hunter Pence
40. Eric Chavez
47. Chris Young
59. Derek Jeter
64. Victor Martinez
65. Nick Swisher
79. Derrek Lee
82. Manny Ramirez
86. Justin Morneau
91. Jackie Robinson
92. Mickey Mantle
95. Honus Wagner
98. Roberto Clemente

101. Luke Hochevar
103. Nick Adenhart
104. Gregor Blanco
106. Eric Hurley
106. Eric Hurley
107. Clayton Kershaw
109. Garrett Mock
110. David Purcey
112. Joey Votto
112. Joey Votto
113. Jeff Clement
115. Brandon Boggs
116. Johnny Cueto
118. Masahide Kobayashi
118. Masahide Kobayashi
122. Jonathan Herrera
124. Armando Galarraga

125. Josh Banks
128. Carlos Gonzalez
130. Brian Barton
131. Sean Rodriguez
136. Jay Bruce
137. Brandon Jones
143. Nick Blackburn
145. Clay Buchholz
148. Chris Perez
149. Hiroki Kuroda

First Day Issue (all are version "a")
6. Curtis Granderson
42. Carlos Pena
75.  Ryan Howard
87. Jimmy Rollins

102. Daric Barton
128. Carlos Gonzalez
140. Max Scherzer

As always, check out my want list and make an offer!


  1. Need the Cano first day issue.

    You've been nominated for the 2009 Card Awards!!! Check it out!


  2. Can I call dibs on the following: 2, 98, 100, 127

    I should have a bunch of 09 American Heritage Heroes for you. I'll try and drop an email tonight.

  3. Can you put me down for the 1st day issue of Youkilis and Masterson?

    I can't find anything off of your want list but I do have some Reds stuff I can send your way.

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  5. Hey, here's what I need:

    59, 61, 97, 107

    First Day
    9, 21, 24, 27, 57, 72, 106, 112, 114, 122, 132, 144

    What I have from your needs list:

    2009 A&G LMT20, NH16
    2009 Topps TTR14
    2009 Topps American Heroes
    Obama/Lincoln 127, 128, 137, 147
    Spaceflight 8, 14, 17, 20
    Heroes of Sports 1, 9, 12, 13
    Spaceflight relics: HSFR-SL (Spacelab Wiring) and HSFR-SSA3 (Atlantis Payload Bay Liner)

    I also have Fleer Greats of the Games...will have to dig around to find them. I think I busted two boxes...

    Let me know if you are interested. Chuck ... you can reach me by follow-up comment. Thanks.

  6. Chuck,
    I'm very much interested in the cards you have for trade. You can reach me at fanofZZreds.auctZZions@gmail.coZZm (remove the ZZs) and we'll work it all out!


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