2009 Upper Deck Spectrum For Trade

Last update: 6/30/11

I'm looking for the last few cards that I need to complete the set...and in doing so I've amassed quite a few duplicates for trade. All of the cards listed below are available for trade (whether for '09 Spectrum cards that I need or any other cards off of my want list).

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum For Trade:

1. Brandon Webb - Diamondbacks
4. Dan Haren - Diamondbacks
8. John Smoltz - Braves
8. John Smoltz - Braves
8. John Smoltz - Braves

17. Alfonso Soriano - Cubs
24. Jim Thome - White Sox
24. Jim Thome - White Sox
24. Jim Thome - White Sox
28. Brandon Phillips - Reds
28. Brandon Phillips - Reds
33. Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
49. John Lackey - Angels
56. Ryan Braun - Brewers
66. Chien-Ming Wang - Yankees
72. Carlos Gonzalez - Rockies
74. Ryan Howard - Phillies
75. Jimmy Rollins - Phillies
77. Nate McLouth - Pirates
81. Trevor Hoffman - Padres
81. Trevor Hoffman - Pardres
98. Vernon Wells - Jays

Blue Parallels:
5. Adam Dunn

39. Dan Uggla

43. Miguel Tejada

As always, check out my want list and make an offer!


  1. Hey I have some stuff that I was thinking of sending out to you. can I lay claim to some of these in exchange for what I'm sending?

    I'd like the Jeter blu, the normal Jeter, Lincecum, longoria, halladay, and the Berkman

  2. Of course the package that I'm referring to is separate from the first package that should currently be in the mail, assuming that my mom was reliable

  3. If the trade doesn't work out above, I'd be interested in the Jeter blue parallel.


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