Sunday, January 24, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 38: 2004 Leaf Certified #17 - Relic

Barry Larkin
Brand: Leaf
Subset: White Warrior Relic (#ed/200)
Card number: 17

While I'm not sure who decided to sign off on the insert name "white warriors," this Barry Larkin card is a beauty! Thanks to Paul over at Card Crawford Cards, I am now the proud owner of what is probably one of the all-time shiniest Barry Larkin relic cards!

The front of the card features a shot of Larkin running the bases and has a decent-sized window showcasing a swatch of jersey (complete with a red stripe running top to bottom). The back of the card has the typical "certificate of authenticity" and is serially-numbered 128/200.

Overall, I love this card. I'm usually more of a fan of the throwback type sets...but for whatever reason this particular card really impresses me. I think the combination of shine, nice photography, great jersey swatch, and serially number really makes this card seem "special." Of course, I don't usually ever buy anything high end so perhaps that's why this card has me so transfixed!


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