Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 39: 1990 Topps #10

Barry Larkin
Brand: Topps
Card number: 10

The 1990 Topps set is the first set that I had a ton of as a kid. At the time, my father used to buy me packs of cards when he went to the grocery store - and the store must have had 1990 Topps on sale constantly (along with 1991 Score)! As such, the '90 Topps set holds a special place in my collector's heart as the set that really launched me into collecting cards!

Unfortunately for me, this particular Barry Larkin card is an exceedingly boring card. The front features Larkin sitting in a dugout looking quite glum - perhaps he is glum because he knows he'll soon be surrounded by a blue and white border with a yellow nameplate - ick. This card must break almost every artistic rule there is about color composition...

The back of the card features a yellowish card stock with Larkin's full stats (up to that point in time of course). I do like the little "monthly scoreboard" feature at the bottom of the card, it provides a different take on statistics rather than the usual... I think this feature was eventually transfered to the Stadium Club line of Topps cards.


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