Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 42: 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings #20

Barry Larkin
:  2002
Brand:  Donruss
Subset:  Diamond Kings
Card number:  20

Whenever I think of Donruss, I always think of the blue bordered 1991 set and the Diamond King subset.  Thanks to my childhood, I love the '91 Donruss set, and by extension, I love Diamond King cards - so this particular Larkin earns high marks in my book! 

The front of the card features the artist Mark Chikinelli's sketch of Larkin while the back of the card has a brief write-up of Larkin's career.  I like that the back of the card also features the years that Larkin was designated a "Diamond King" in previous sets - I should try to make sure to hunt down all of them!


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