Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Delivery Time! Trade with David from Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid

There are three types of trades that I usually participate in:
1.  Cincinnati Reds cards to me for your favorite team's cards.
2.  Barry Larkin cards to me for something you want
3. Cards off my want list to me for something you want

The latest trade with David from Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid blog fit into the second and third categories (which are, for the record, my two favorite types of trades)!  I sent David a bunch of cards off his want lists, as well as some football cards that I happened to have, and an Adam Jones relic and a Lou Marson autograph.  You can read about that over on this post on blog. 

In return, David sent me a TON of Barry Larkin cards and a bunch of 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game cards from my want lists.  Let's dig in!

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game:
Base cards I'm still missing:  30, 53, 54, 60, 71, 85, 95, 97

8.  Bill Mazeroski
29.  Don Newcombe
34.  Ernie Banks
61.  Luis Aparicio
62.  Luis Tiant
63.  Mark Fidrych
64.  Mark Grace
94.  Tony Perez  (obviously my favorite of the base cards!)

Cardinals Greats:
Cardinals Greats I'm still missing:  BG, DD, OS, RS, SC, SM, TM

STL-TH.  Tommy Herr

Cubs Greats:
Cubs Greats I'm still missing:  BS, FJ, MG, RS, SA

CHC-AD.  Andre Dawson

CHC-GM.  Gary Matthews

CHC-RH.  Randy Hundley

Decade Greats:
Decade Greats I'm still missing: BF, BJ, BM, BR, CR, EM, JC, JK, MC, MO, MS, PM, PT, RC, RO, RY, SC, TG, TR, TS

DEC-EA.  Earl Averill

DEC-WS.  Willie Stargell

Dodger Greats:
Dodger Greats I'm still missing:  CA, JR, PR, SG, SS

LAD-DB.  Dusty Baker

Red Sox Greats:
Red Sox Greats I'm still missing: JF, LT, RP, WB

BOS-BD.  Bobby Doerr
BOS-FL.  Fred Lynn

Reds Greats:
Reds Greats I'm still missing: BL, DC, ED, JM, TP

CIN-TS.  Tom Seaver

Tiger Greats:
Tiger Greats I'm still missing:  AK, DM, JM, KG, MF, TC

DET-AT.  Alan Trammell

Wow, what a great bunch of cards to knock off the 'ol want list!  Obviously I'm still missing a lot of cards from the insert sets, but I'm making progress!  If anyone has any of the cards I'm missing for trade, please contact me and we'll work something out!

In addition to all the Greats of the Game cards, David also sent me a TON of Barry Larkin cards...including a few Larkin "bippings"!  Each of the Larkins will get their own post in my Larkin Collection series...but I can show off 9 (out of 12) 1988 Topps Barry Larkin cards that David "bipped" me with since I've already written a post about the '88 Larkin card.

Thanks a ton David!  As always, if anyone else would like to work out a trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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