Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 56: 1991 US Playing Cards - 6 Clubs

Barry Larkin
Year: 1991
Brand:  US Playing Cards
Card number:  6 Clubs

As any player collector can attest, one of the hardest types of cards to track down are the "oddball" cards.  Specifically, cards much like this playing card!  This particular card shows Larkin on the front with name, position, and all team logos while flanking him with a pair of six of clubs.  The back of the card has the manufacturer name and a big 'ol gaudy Baseball - Major League All-Stars logo. 

This isn't my favorite Larkin card (heck, it isn't even my favorite Larkin as a playing card) but it is a great addition to my collection - and the first true oddball card featured in my Barry Larkin Collection series!


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