Friday, June 11, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 57: 2001 Fleer Triple Crown #16

Barry Larkin
Year:  2001
Brand:  Fleer Triple Crown
Card number:  16

2001 was a busy year for me - I graduated high school, began college, and most assuredly did not spend my few hard earned dollars on baseball cards.  As such, this particular card must have arrived in a trade at some point over the life of my blog.  Unfortunately, I never thought to keep track of who sent me which Larkin card (and many of my readers have sent a veritable plethora of Larkins over the years). 

This particular card is quite cool - the front is a little busy with fonts going up and down, left and right all over the place (think 1995 Fleer but on Ritalin).  The back of the card earns bonus points for the faux dirt at the bottom with the white chalk stripe.  It's a seriously simple idea that I haven't seen implemented many times in baseball cards - use the dirt & chalk as part of the design!


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