Gint-a-Cuffs - Box 02: Pack 24 (Fourth Hit!)

Box total so far:  219 points

It's reckoning time - the final pack of the box.

Pack 24:
175.  Tim Lincecum (Another guy I thought would be a favorite but isn't)
183.  Tommy Manzella
266.  Adam LaRoche
276.  Daniel Runzler
TDH70.  Andrew McCutchen (+1)
63.  Matt Carson

Auto Redemption:
Matt Kemp (+15 points x 1.7 favorite player list = 25.5 points)

Pack total:  26.5 points

Box total:  245.5 points + 4 points I didn't add in from the first hit +2 for favorite player missed + 8 points for change in relic scoring = 259.5 points. 

Not too shabby at all if you ask me!  Of course, for all I know someone else opened a monster box and has crushed my total...but as of the time when I write this post (back on July 19) I believe this box was the high scorer.  So close to 250 points!!


  1. Woah!! Nice finish.

    I thought I was in good shape going into the last two packs of your break and then Matt Kemp knocks it out.

    What a fun break break to watch, and don't forget to add 2 more points for the Halladay you pulled earlier. He's my FP choice.

  2. You win.



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