Saturday, September 18, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 65: 1995 Topps #350

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Topps
Card number:  350

Another one of the "strange" Topps base set designs, the '95 set appears to have shiny crayon-drawn border around fairly nice photography.  This particular Larkin card features a great photo of a catcher in action, unfortunately, the card is supposed to be showcasing Larkin!  The back of the card features full career statistics as well as a large mug shot of Larkin (with the appearance of being on a scoreboard) along with  little tiny photo of Larkin in the field...the tiny photo is completely swamped by all the larger things going on (mug shot, paragraph text, and career statistics).  Although I actually don't care for most of the individual elements of the card, the entire design comes together surprisingly well.  So surprising, in fact, that I actually like this particular Larkin card quite a bit!


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