Monday, December 13, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 70: 1998 Pinnacle Performers #51

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Pinnacle Performers
Card number:  51

This particular Barry Larkin card made its way into my collection thanks to a recent group break.  The front of the card shows Barry fielding a batted ball while simultaneously running out of the baseball card border.  There is his name in gold foil on the left side of the card (which is too difficult to read for my tastes) and a stylized partial team logo in the bottom left corner.  The entire front of the card uses the Reds' color scheme which is a small, yet great, detail.

The back of the card shows Larkin stretching in another slanted photo while providing month-by-month batting statistics for the previous season.  Overall, it's a nice little card though it does feel a bit "cheap" to the touch, mostly because of the thin card stock.  I appreciate the continuity between the front and back card design - both for better and worse in this case.  I like the team colors playing a key role on both sides - I don't like the slanted photos on both sides...however, for the late '90s, this is a fairly benign card all things considered!


Ryan said...

Pinnacle/Score were obsessed in the mid 90's with the angled boarders. They had that same design in the Score 95 set with their Rookie Cards.

Hey, glad you liked those two minis to complete that 08 ginter mini set. I didn't buy them, no no. I picked them up in a big trade that I made. Getting close on finishing mine as well 335/350!

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