Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 71: 2001 Topps High Definition (HD) #44

Barry Larkin
Year:  2001
Brand:  Topps High Definition (Topps HD)
Card number:  44

In my collection, higher end cards from the early 2000s are woefully lacking - I've never lived near a hobby shop...and in the early parts of the last decade, I only purchased cards at retail.  As such, sets such as Topps High Definition completely eluded me until recently.

This particular Larkin card is a thick, high gloss example of that type of card done right.  Everything about the card (well, almost everything) is excellent!  The front of the card features a full-bleed photo with an easy to read player name along the right hand side and a team logo in the bottom right corner.  Those three aspects make for a clean, crisp card front (and the photo is alright as well, nothing spectacular but still, better than plenty of other Larkin cards in my collection).

The back of the card features another (different) photo of Larkin along with career statistics and an exceedingly small write-up (in Larkin's case, 10 total words).  There are also Larkin's vital statistics along the right hand side.  All in all, a solid card back (again, not extroidinary in any way but definitely a solid, clean design).  The only complaint I have about the card is the gloss finish itself, it seems to be impossible to pull cards out of the pack in truly pristine condition (you might be able to see a little bit of flaking along the back right side of the card).


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