Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 77: 1994 Tombstone Pizza #13

Barry Larkin
Year:  1994
Brand:  Tombstone Pizza
Card number:  13 of 30

This is now the second Tombstone Pizza card in my Larkin Collection, and unfortunately, I like the first one I featured a lot better.  The front of the card is solid enough for a non-licensed set, though the airbrushing of the Reds "C" logo on the hat leaves a bit to be desired.

The back of the card is where I find fault in the design.  If you know going into a card design that your set won't be able to show team logos, why in the world would you decide it would be a good idea to have a close up profile shot of a ball player with their hat on?  It looks cheap (because it is) and generally unbecoming of a baseball card.  The rest of the back design is actually fairly nice - but that gigantic logo-less Reds hat on top of Larkin's noggin is simply too much to ignore.  Even so, it is always fun to acquire some of the lesser known, odd-ball type Larkin cards!


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