Sunday, January 09, 2011

Barry Larkin Collection 84: 1987 Sportflics - #4 of 26 - Reds Team Preview

Reds Team Preview
Year:  1987
Brand:  Sportflics
Card number:  4 of 26

Sportflics cards generally scan like crap.  That said, this one is even worse because it has so many separate images going on...unlike the typical Sportsflic card with three frames of a single action (i.e. swinging a bat or stealing a base).  As for the Larkin, he's in the top right corner - you can sort of see his mugshot there in the scan.  It certainly is a busy card - but it's a rather unique card in my Barry Larkin Collection at the moment in that it is the only Larkin Sportsflic card that I own!


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