Barry Larkin Collection 89: 1989 Upper Deck - #270

Barry Larkin
Year:  1989
Brand:  Upper Deck
Card number:  270

The 1989 Upper Deck set probably marks either the beginning or the end for over half of the people in the baseball card hobby.  For many people, the shiny, flashy, hologram-sporting Upper Deck set was nothing more than an eye sore.  The new kid being disrespectful to decades worth of baseball card etiquette.  Seriously, full color photos on the back of the card?  No gray (or other drab color) cardboard stock?  It was unheard of - and surely wouldn't last.

For others, Upper Deck heralded the coming of a new age.  The dawn of innovation on a small slice of cardboard.  The beckening of a brighter, more colorful future - one complete with foil, signatures, and eventually little bits of pants and NASA equipment.

No matter which camp one belonged too, there was no denying the "gee whiz" effect that Upper Deck had on the collecting community - and this particular Barry Larkin card is a nice example of what made Upper Deck seem so cutting edge cool compared to 1989 Topps or Donruss.  The full-color action shot on the back (even if it does appear that Larkin is either constipated or fouled a bunt off his man jewels) seals the deal - and with that, this is probably the best of the 1989 Larkin cards!