Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coming Soon (in a matter of hours): Gypsy Queen Group Break

You asked for it - you're about to get it.  I just pre-ordered the pair of boxes tonight...

This is your advance notice that I am going to host a TWO BOX Gypsy Queen Group break (hobby boxes of course).  The official sign-up page goes live at 6:30 PM EST today (March 15).

Sign-ups will be first paid - first claimed - so check my blog at exactly 6:30 to get the team(s) you want!  I am discounting multi-team purchases.

The break should contain at least 8 hits - 4 relics and 4 autos (all of which should be on card)!  It looks like a pretty neat set - and the group break promises lots of variety for everyone - don't miss out!


Derek said...

Guess I'll be setting an alarm for that!

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