Friday, April 22, 2011

2 Jumbo Heritage Packs

Are you sick of Heritage cards yet?  Well, if you are, I apologize because I'm not sick of them quite yet.  In fact, since I'm chasing the set, I have a feeling I'll be looking for cards from the set for another few years (at least I will be if the past is any indication seeing as how I still need cards from the 2008 and 2009 Heritage sets)!

Anyhow, moving on to new products.  I was in Target the other day and decided to grab a few more packs of Heritage.  Unfortunately, my Target seems to have run out of Heritage blasters, but there were a bunch of jumbo rack packs hanging up, so I bought two of those.

Each jumbo pack offers 16 cards for $4.99 (if memory serves).  It's not a terrible deal, however, you can expect to get exactly one insert or short print per jumbo pack (which means if you pull a "dud" the bottom half of the jumbo pack will be base cards only).  At least, that's how it seems to be given my incredible sample size of exactly two.

Jumbo pack 1:
23.  Carlos Lee
25.  Starlin Castro

74.  Hanley Ramirez
77.  Chase Utley
88.  Joe Girardi
132.  Angels
142.  Babe's Batting Record

157.  Shane Victorino
215.  Asdrubal Cabrera
277.  Pedro Alvarez
284.  Jimmy Rollins
301.  Clay Buchholz
353.  Neil Walker

373.  Carlos Gonzalez
418.  Ian Stewart
BF-7.  Baseball Flashback - Harmon Killebrew

In the first jumbo pack, I only needed 5 of the 16 cards.  Even worse, since I didn't pull a short print (and I already had the insert), that meant I gained five lousy base cards for five dollars - or a buck per base card.  It's a good thing I can use the rest of the cards as trade bait - collecting Heritage without trading would be a mighty expensive proposition!

Jumbo pack 2:
93.  Nick Swisher
125.  Vladimir Guerrero
127.  Pride of the A's

130.  Omar Infante
158.  Atlanta Braves
180.  Jim Thome
190.  Todd Helton
222.  Franklin Gutierrez
223.  Ryan Theriot
252.  James McDonald
298.  Jason Kubel
351.  Twin Terrors

381.  Orlando Cabrera
409.  Pittsburgh Pirates
411.  Michael Young
NF-7.  News Flashback - Mariner 2 Successfully Encounters Venus

Of the 16 cards in the second jumbo pack, I needed all sixteen of them!  Obviously, this was a much better use of my hard earned money as compared to the first jumbo pack!  My want list has been updated accordingly - any help is appreciated (especially with the short prints since I went 0-fer in terms of getting a short print in the jumbo packs).


BA Benny said...

I have bought a total of 4 hobby packs of Heritage this year but I gotta say that seeing all your (and others) posts it's growing on me.

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