Thursday, April 21, 2011

Delivery Time! Cards from Cameron over at Cardboard Heaven

This is the last week of classes for the semester - which means I'm gearing up for finals week by writing (and proofing) final exams for my four classes this semester.  As such, I haven't had nearly the amount of blogging time as I had a bit earlier in the semester.  As a result, the trades have dwindled drastically - in fact, I think I only received one envelope all of last week!  The only good news about that is that I'm able to finally catch back up on some outstanding trades that happened earlier this month.

I'm also in the process of working out a bunch of trades, so hopefully that's a positive sign of things to come for my 'ol want lists!  Anyhow, one of the recent envelopes to grace my mailbox is from Cameron over at Cardboard Heaven.  

Cameron contacted me awhile back and informed me he had a Barry Larkin card that I didn't already own.  Always intrigued by such a comment, I wrote back saying of course I'd be interested!  A few days later, the following cards arrived in my mailbox:

1999 Pacific Prism:
Barry Larkin #434/480

Normally, I wouldn't show a Larkin card until it is featured in my Barry Larkin Collection series.  However, seeing as how this one card was the catalyst for the entire swap, I felt it was important to show it off.  I also happen to like this card quite a bit - it really pops in person, so it's probably worth a couple of'll show up again (eventually) in my Larkin Collection posts.

2011 Topps:
Diamond parallel:  
329.  Brett Wallace

This card nets Cameron an entry in my complete set giveaway.  Remember, each diamond card you send me nets you an entry - and it only takes one entry to win in theory!

60 Years of Topps:
60YOT-22.  Carlton Fisk
60YOT-37.  Greg Maddux
60YOT-57.  Johnny Cueto

I was almost done with this set - but then my brother contacted me saying he was only eight cards or so short of having every single insert set complete...  I couldn't NOT send him the few remaining cards he needed - and as such, my want list for 2011 Topps has grown again... I'd be quite happy if I could somehow reaquire the cards I sent my brother (he lives in Hawaii so cards are hard to come by for him)!

Topps 60:
T60-3.  Babe Ruth

This was the last card I needed for my Topps 60 set!  However, as I mentioned in the above paragraph, I sent a few cards off to my younger brother so I now I am missing a few once again!  The joys of a set collector I guess, huh?!

In addition to the above cards from my want list, Cameron also sent me a few assorted Reds, including a few of my favorites below.

Thanks a lot for all the cards Cameron - and pay attention to your own mailbox as I'll be getting a return package out to you shortly.  Finally, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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