Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nachos Grande Review: Canvas Prints

Over the past few months, I've noticed an uptick in the amount of corporate sponsorships being doled out around the blogosphere.  In fact, I've had my share of sponsors come forward this year - probably thanks to my increased viewership (over 100,000 visitors now)!  My newest sponsor, Easy Canvas Prints, sent me a free canvas print in exchange for a website link on my blog (see the right-hand column).  As is my usual custom, I've also decided to review the product - this review is unsolicitated (the agreement was ad only) and all thoughts are 100% my own. Review:

Initial thoughts:  After being contacted by a representative from the company, I was tasked with finding a picture that I would like to turn into a canvas print.  From there, I was directed to the website and basically told to follow the instructions.

The website was easy to use (which is good given the name of the site)!  I had no trouble figuring out where to begin the process.  I chose a 16" by 20" canvas with what they call the Gallery Wrap (basically a 1.5" frame rather than a smaller .75" frame).  I also chose the border style - in my case, I chose the mirror wrap because I liked how that looked best based on the sample image.

From there, all I had to do was upload my photo.  The photo that I chose to upload was an older photo that was quite small in size.  I scanned it using my own scanner and then uploaded the file onto the website.  The process was easy, but since I was blowing up the photo to make a large canvas print, the quality was really quite poor.  Dejected, but not defeated, I cranked all the scanning stats on my scanner way up and began the process again.  It took my scanner about 20 minutes to do the highest possible scan of the photo that was possible, and it took a few extra seconds to upload the massive file, or so I thought it would.  Instead, the website system rejected my photo claiming it was too large a file size.  Once again denied, I tried for the third and final time.  This time, I chose the medium scan details on my own scanner and had no trouble uploading the photo and completing the order.

A few short days later, my canvas print arrived on my front door in a well-protected box.

I mentioned that I chose the larger frame size, you can see the sturdy wood frame that holds the canvas in the photo below.

Ok, I sort of lied.  You can't really tell the frame is wood in the above shot, so let's try an angled version...

Better?  Also, notice the nice wall hanging hook that came with the print.  It's little things like that that turn a decent purchase into a great purchase.  Even the smallest details can make (or break) a product!  You can also see the image wrap in the above photo.  As I mentioned already, I decided to go with the mirror wrap - and while you can't really get the full effect from the photo above, you can by checking out the next photo...

And finally, let's take a look at the finished product.  That's a young Nachos Grande sitting on his grandfather's lap.  I've written about my grandfather in the past and now I am able to have a great canvas print of him hanging in my house - a perfect reminder of great man, and an even greater grandfather!  

The bottom line:
Fast shipping, helpful employees, and one of the simplest websites I've ever encountered?  Check, check, and check.  Other than the image size restriction, the entire process was incredibly easy - and even more importantly, the final product is gorgeous.

Final score:  98/100


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Very cool! I might have to hit them up at some point myself!

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