Friday, April 15, 2011

A Second 2011 Topps Heritage Blaster: Packs 5 and 6

I decided to collect this year's Heritage set afterall - so let's hope the next two packs add some more cards that I need!

Pack 5:
5.  Clayton Kershaw
72.  Philly's Men Up the Middle (Rollins & Utley)

108.  Matt Kemp
270.  Ronny Cedeno
290.  Ty Wigginton
300.  Carl Crawford
320.  Jason Heyward

394.  Ryan Braun
417.  Lucas May

Uhm, I've got nothing to say about this pack.  I guess it's a good thing that I needed all of the cards in it - otherwise, *yawn*.

Pack 6:
38.  Coco Crisp
48.  CC Sabathia
71.  Jonathan Sanchez
145.  Dallas Braden
259.  Kelly Johnson
276.  Darwin Barney

324.  Tommy Hunter
365.  Howie Kendrick
437.  Adrian Gonzalez

Checklist 4 of 6

The Adrian Gonzalez short print is the obvious "best card" of the two packs.  Anytime I manage to get a new short print, I'm happy.  It's even better that it's a short print of a Red Sox since there are a whole bunch of Red Sox collectors out there who seem to be particularly adept at scooping up any and all available Boston short prints away from set collectors like myself!  In other news, who the heck is Darwin Barney?  It seems like a name that only someone who watches National Geographic and kids shows would come up with...


cubsfan731 said...

I'm waiting for that Heritage wantlist...

FanOfReds said...

Soon! I have a few more packs to open and post and then I'll make my list. I plan to have it up before the weekend ends!

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