Sunday, May 01, 2011

NEW Group Break Sign-Ups!

Alright, the Gypsy Queen boxes should be here tomorrow for that break - so it's time to start talking about the next break (and it's back to my "regular" style of breaks).  For my next break, I have four boxes (plus a fifth perhaps - you'll see in the details below):

However, before we get to the boxes, I want to take a moment to thank my newest sponsor:  Baseball Card Exchange.  I emailed the owner of the website (how awesome it was to be able to talk to a decision maker immediately and get prompt answers) and worked out a deal where Baseball Card Exchange will sponsor my next few breaks of this type (older type boxes).  For your homework assignment, take a look at their website and let me know which box(es) you'd like to see in the next break - any box on the site is fair game (email me your suggestions so this post doesn't get cluttered up...I want team claims on the post easily found by everyone)!

Here's what I am planning to break:
2000 Topps Tek - 20 packs - 4 cards per pack:

I've never opened a single pack of Topps Tek so I thought this box would be fun for that reason alone.  However, I also think it's a great box for a group break because there are so many versions of each card - which means everyone ought to get some cards that they didn't previously own!  This box is loaded with various inserts according to the pack back (I had to open the box to pull a pack since the odds weren't listed on the box):

  • Sequentially Numbered Rookie Cards (1:2 packs)
  • TEK Special Color (1:10 packs)
  • Sequentially Numbered TEK Die-Cut Gold Parallel (1:42 packs)
  • TEKtonics (1:30 packs)
  • DramaTEK Performers (1:10 packs)
  • ArchiTEKs (1:5 packs)

Based on those odds we should get at least 10 sequentially numbered cards, plus a few other inserts.  I really hope we pull one of those TEK Die-Cut Gold Parallels just so I can see what one looks like!

That's not the only box however, there's some more goodies to be had!

1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFX - 36 packs - 3 cards per pack:

What's a group break without lots of SHINY!?!?  These were basically premium cards at the time - $2.00 for a single pack of 3 cards - no wonder I didn't buy much of these.  This is also another product full of inserts (you have to love the late 90s)!  According to the back of the box, we can expect the following:

  • Launchers (1:4 packs)
  • Star View (1:16 packs)
  • Future Fame (1:32 packs)
  • Launcher Autos (1:105 packs)
  • Star View Autos (1:210 packs)
  • Future Fame Autos (1:432 packs)
  • AUsome (1:8 packs)
  • UD Authentics autographed cards (1:431 packs)
  • 500 Club "A Piece of History" Bat Cards (350 made)
  • Autographed 500 Club "A Piece of History" Bat Cards (Hand numbered to player's jersey number)

That's a bunch of inserts that we are sure to get, plus the outside chance of nabbing a nice autograph! The good thing about late 90s autos was that while they were harder to pull, they were usually of players people actually wanted an autograph of!

1999 Fleer Mystique - 24 packs - 4 cards per pack

Here's another set that I've never even opened a single pack of (it was much too high end at the time). Each pack includes a covered card (I guess that's the Mystique) so each team in the break will get one of those (you'll see I combined some teams below into single slots).  There are 24 packs and 24 slots - so it should work out perfectly.  If you claim two (or more slots), you'll get one covered card PER slot - so claim early and often!    I've changed the deal after watching Community Gum's video break of a box of Mystique (different year, but same basic idea).  According to the results of that break, all the inserts are hidden under the mystique wrapping, so it seems pretty boring to just send out a card per slot when you could actually end up with a rarer insert card of a team you actually want.  Obviously, I should pay more attention to the product when picking out boxes - I just thought it'd be a cool break...little did I know about the covered cards when I ordered the boxes.  I'll rip off the mystique covering unless people prefer I just send one covered card out per slot.

According to the box, we can find the following:

  • 50 rookies (numbered to 2999)
  • 10 stars (numbered to 2500)
  • Prophetic (numbered to 1999)
  • Destiny (numbered to 999)
  • Established (numbered to 100)
  • Fresh Ink Autographs (1:48 packs)
  • Masterpiece parallels (One of Ones, one per each base card produced)

As you can see from the above odds, this set has a lot of "high end" inserts - plus one out of every two boxes has an autograph!  Hopefully, we'll get lucky and nab one of those too!

And finally, we need a box that produces lots of cards!  After all, I hate to sign up for a group break and walk away with only a card or two (if I'm lucky).  For this break, I decided against my normal Collector's Choice and went with what appears to be a fan favorite set:

1993 Upper Deck (Series 1) - 10 JUMBO packs per box - 27 cards per pack:

I figured this would be a fun box to open - and many, many people seem to love the 1993 Upper Deck set.  I plan to include a full team set (assuming we get one) for each of the claimed slots.  All the extra cards (unless you want your teams extras) will be pooled together and then dished out randomly to each team.  That way, you may end up with more than just cards from your own team - and everyone likes the set so it's win-win!  There aren't a lot of inserts in this one, but there are a few:

  • Home Run Heroes (1 per pack)
  • Willie Mays "Baseball Heroes" (1:9 packs)
  • Then and Now Hologram set (1:27 packs)
  • SP cards (1:72 packs)

Alright, so that's four boxes (or is it? - scroll down to the end) for the group break!  The first slot is $16.00, any additional slots after that are $12.00 a piece.  Please claim your team in the comments below and then send PayPal to the address listed in my profile.  I would ask you mark is as "gift" and include both your mailing address and your team slot in the payment information section.  Thanks!

Here are the 24 slots:
Last update:  9:53 PM EST on 5/8/11

Milwaukee Brewers - (Jason Cline - Paid)
Los Angeles Dodgers - (apba66and0 - Paid)
San Francisco Giants - (apba66and0 - Paid)
Cleveland Indians - (Jason Cline - Paid)
Los Angeles Angels - (Jason Cline - Paid)
Baltimore Orioles - (Beardy - Paid)
Cinncinnati Reds - (Nachos Grande - Paid)
Boston Red Sox - (CardSplitter - Paid)
Philadelphia Phillies - (arfmax - Paid)
Seattle Mariners - (Colby - Paid)
Houston Astros - (Axemanohio - Paid)
Texas Rangers - (Axemanohio - Paid)
Atlanta Braves - (Community Gum - Paid)
St. Louis Cardinals - (Ike's Cards - Paid)
New York Yankees - (BA Benny - Paid)
New York Mets - (BA Benny - Paid)
Minnesota Twins - (Jason Cline - Paid)
Chicago Cubs - (Community Gum - Paid)
"AL Central Foes"  Detroit Tigers & Chicago White Sox  - (Ryan G. - Paid)
"NL East Small Markets"  Florida Marlins & Expos/Nationals - (Jason Cline - Paid)
"North to South"  Toronto Blue Jays & Tampa Bay Rays - (Jason Cline - Paid)
"California Dreamin'"  San Diego Padres & Oakland Athletics - (Ryan G. - Paid)
"Snakes on a Plank"  Pittsburgh Pirates & Arizona Diamondbacks - (Jason Cline - Paid)
"King of the Mountain"  Kansas City Royals  & Colorado Rockies - (hiflew - Paid)

And finally, if ALL the slots are claimed, I'll throw in this box:
2003 Topps Stadium Club - Relic Addition

There is one relic per box - so it's a nice bonus if all teams are claimed!

Remember, it's first comment (and payment) - first served!  So leave a comment with the slot(s) you would like and then send payment to me.  All the boxes are in hand - so the sooner this fills up, the sooner the break begins!   The first slot is $16.00, any additional slots after that are $12.00 a piece.


BA Benny said...

Mets and Yankees please.

Jason said...

Looks like a nice break. Indians please, payment to be made momentarily.

IkesCards said...

Redbirds, please.

Community Gum said...

Sweet! I'm in for the Braves and the Cubs if I happened to comment first. If the Padres or white sox slots stay unclaimed, count on me for those too.

Ryan G said...

I'm going wildcard, baby. Give me California Dreaming and AL Central foes!

FanOfReds said...

Thanks everyone for paying so promptly already. Everyone that commented has their first team(s) of choice. The post has been updated to reflect all claims to date!

beardy said...

I'll take the Orioles, but probably can't pay for a couple of days. Hopefully, that's ok. If not, guess I am out of luck.

arfmax said...

I would like the Phillies, please


Cardsplitter said...

What the hell. I will take the Red Sox. Pull me some Pedros!

Colbey said...

Steve @ BBCE is awesome to work with. I've thought about asking him for a banner or whatever to display on my own blog as 90% of the boxes I feature in my breaks come from BBCE.

Colbey said...

What the heck, I'll take the Mariners. It'll be a nice distraction while I prep my next cheap break. Payment coming shortly.

hiflew said...

I'm in for King of the Mountain. Great name (but not as good as Snakes on a Plank...brilliant).

apba66and0 said...

What the heck. I'll take the Dodgers and Giants please.



Jason said...

Ok, I'll take NL East small markets as 2nd team. Payment to come later tonight when I get to other computer. Hopefully this thing gets filled.

Offy said...

Awesome break. On my good days, I'm not online frequently enough to even land the Red Sox in any group breaks. One of these days, I'd love to bust a box of Tek. 2000 seems to be plentiful and I've tracked down almost all of the Piazza from that year. 1998 is a completely different story.

This break is going to be fun to watch.

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