Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Barry Larkin Collection 105: 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen - #22 - Framed Paper - Bronze

Barry Larkin
Year:  2011
Brand:  Topps Gypsy Queen
Card number:  22
Insert set:  Framed Paper - Bronze  (#ed 892/999)

Although I don't seem to have much luck pulling Barry Larkin cards from modern sets, many other people around the blogosphere are kind enough to help me out.  For instance, this particular Barry Larkin card is from Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping.

This is the bronze framed paper parallel (all of which are numbered out of 999).  There is also a green paper framed parallel set (not numbered) that can only be found in retail packs.  The front of the Larkin card features a true "frame" of paper, it's a shiny overlay on top of the basic Larkin card.  The back of the card is the exact same back as the original Larkin base card in the set except for the serial number stamping in the upper right corner.

Although I like both the base and the framed Larkin cards a lot, I wish the entire Gypsy Queen set was done in the style of the framed paper cards - maybe more different color parallels a la 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes?  This truly is a great card - I can only hope Topps keeps putting Larkin in its newer products!


Derek said...

Glad Barry found a good home!

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