2011 Topps Lineage Case Review: Box #5

It's time for a review of the fifth (out of ten) boxes in the 2011 Topps Lineage case.  This particular box happens to hold the nicest mini relic that I've pulled so far (at least in my opinion).  What else is there in the box?  Read on.

There are plenty of base cards - so many, in fact, that I have a ton of Topps Lineage cards for trade.  See the link on my blog for the full list.

Moving on from the base cards, let's take a look at some of my favorite inserts from the box.

First up, the 1975 minis.

I would like to know who might be interested in trading for my minis, I only want the Reds from the set (luckily for me, two of the six minis were Reds - Seaver and Chapman)!  The Blyleven, Seaver (as a Met), Jackson, and Byrd are all available for trade.

Next, the second of three full set parallels, the platinum diamond cards.

Once again, I'm really only interested in the Reds so the others are all for trade.  Unfortunately, this box didn't provide me with a single Red platinum card so that means there are six platinums on the 'ol trading block.

And the final full set parallel, the diamond anniversary cards.

As with the other two sets, I'm only interested in the Reds (and, like the platinum cards, I didn't pull any Reds).  All six are available for trade.

Now that parallels are out of the way, we can look at some of the other inserts.  I ended up with a lot of Yankees in this box (and we aren't done with the pinstripes quite yet).

First up, the two sticker cards (both Yankees).

Next, two stand-ups (one Yankee).

And last, two 3-D cards (one Yankee).

Yep, four out of the six inserts were Yankees (plus two diamond parallel Yankees above).  I did get four 2011 Rookies and two of the Topps Venezuelan cards, but I don't think anyone cares about those so no scanning.

The boxtopper was another Topps Giant card, this time of Adrian Gonzalez of the Red Sox.  It, too, is available for trade.

Finally, the three hits of the box!  The sticker auto was of Michael Morse of the Washington Nationals.

I don't know anything about Morse nor am I interested in the card - so it's available for trade.

The on-card auto was much better (at least in my eyes).

I got Pablo Sandoval of the Giants.  I think this is my first Sandoval auto, and at least he is a popular name!

And, last but certainly not least, the relic.  It's the final Yankee of the box - but this one is a good one!

 Whitey Ford!  The relic even looks sort of old-timey, none of that cheap polyester crap that's in most relics these days!  I was happy to pull this one - though I will trade it if someone makes the right offer (hint:  how about some 2010 or 2011 Allen & Ginter relics that I need)?

So, there's another box breakdown.  I hope these breakdowns are helpful so that you can see what you might expect to get from a box of Lineage.  Obviously, I've had some good luck (the Bench jumbo relic especially) and some poor luck (many of the autos).  I have gotten a few retired autos (two of which went out in the group break) though, so that's cool.  This box provided me with my first retired relic star (but not the last as you'll soon see)!


  1. I'm interested in the 75 minis, but I'll give Night Owl first crack at them. That said, I'm very interested in any Rangers parallels/autos/relics you might pull at any point.

  2. I'm always interested in trading for the '75 minis. I'll be happy to send PATP any dupes/Rangers, although I have very few of any of them right now.

  3. Let me check your wantlist as I'd be interested in the Morse auto. Worst case scenario maybe we can work out a sale.


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