Delivery Time! Some New Ginter from Blog Reader Matt!

As many of you know, I ordered a case of Ginter with the hopes of completing my own set (plus all the mini inserts) and then using the extras to either recoup some of my investment and/or as trade bait to land the relics, autographs, and box toppers that I still need.

Well, 75 base cards, 15 short prints, and an extra relic later - I ended up with some more trade bait plus a couple of hits that I didn't yet own!

Up first, four black bordered minis.

I have quite a few black bordered minis - as of this moment, I haven't decided if I am going to chase the regular mini set like I have the last few years, the ad back minis, or the black border minis.  OR, I suppose, I might not collect any of the parallel mini sets!

Next up, a pair of no number minis.

 I've been selling my no number minis on eBay (some are ending in a matter of hours, along with lots of video games if you are interested)  - and I suppose that these will end up on eBay as well (maybe not the Bruce though, that might be a keeper for me)!

And finally, two hits that I needed.  First up, an autograph of Josh Johnson.

I like the autographs quite a bit but I don't collect them as doggedly as I collect the relics - and I happened to land a new relic in the trade as well!

That's Austin Jackson, and though I don't know when the Tigers ever wear gray, it's still a nice relic to have!

Thanks a lot for the trade Matt!  And, as always, if anyone else is interested in trading, check out my want list and make an offer!  I have a lot of 2011 Ginter available and I'd be happy to complete more trades like this one!