Delivery Time! This Card is Cool...and So is this One, and this One, and this One!

Today is the day that I head to the university for my own orientation.  It's also the day of freshman convocation at the college where I work.  Seeing how my own orientation is more important, I'll be missing the first freshman orientation since I began working at the college (will the start of the school year feel a bit odd because of that)?

Anyhow, this is one of the "written prior" posts that I do seeing how I'm about 2 hours away from home right now (or, by the time you read this, hopefully I'll be driving back home)!

Today's post is a trade post courtesy of Ryan over at This Card is Cool.   Ryan has a lot of great ideas on his blog (and in his collection).  One such idea is his "one of" set collecting goal.  As I understand it, he tries to get one representative card for each type of insert, base, hit, etc. for any given set.  He doesn't have to track down all 350 base cards, just one of them.  He doesn't need 100 different relics, just one.  He does, however, need one of the rare things too - like Bazooka back Ginter minis or the like.

Since I opened a bunch of Ginter last month, I was able to help him out with his one-of collection (I sent him 14 different representatives from 14 different sets in the Ginter set), and in return, he helped me with some of my own wants.

Here are the highlights:

First up, an N43 card from 2011 Allen & Ginter of Roy Halladay.

I'm down to needing only four of the N43s (Votto, Wainwright, Wright, and Cano).  If anyone has any of those for trade, please let me know!  This is one of the sets that I'd like to finish off within the next couple of weeks - before the hobby box supply dries up and I have to start scouring eBay and paying outrageous shipping costs!

 Next, a sweet relic of Joe Morgan.

This card was more of a thrown-in than anything else, it wasn't from a set that I've actively collected.  However, I'm not one to turn down a Reds relic of a Hall of Fame player!  I like that the bat piece is a pretty decent size, it somehow makes the relic seem a bit more "special" even it is only a bit of bat.

Moving back to 2011 Allen & Ginter, Ryan also sent me an Animal in Peril.

The Indian Rhinoceros is the fourth-largest land animal and can weigh over three tons!  According to the card back, there are less than 3,000 of the rhinos left in the wild.  I don't know much about rhinos, but they remind me of dinosaurs and I like dinos so, by extension, I like rhinos.

Now that the animal is out of the way, we can turn our attention to the base Topps set from this year (I've already discussed what I think of the 2012 Topps set - see yesterday's post).  Ryan sent me some diamond parallels for my set:

And some Topps Town cards:

Finally, Ryan through in a few assorted Reds cards just for fun!

Thanks for the trade Ryan - and as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!