The Topps Lineage Boxes are Here! Packs 1 and 2!

Although we've been biding our time with a decent box of 2010 Upper Deck, everyone has been waiting for the Topps Lineage boxes to arrive in order for the party to really get started!  Well, FedEx delivers on Saturday so I'm pleased to announce that the boxes are here.  Since I ordered a case but only need two boxes for the group break, I simply took the first two boxes out of the case to use.

Here are the boxes:

And now, let's open the first couple of packs!  (I hope everyone is as excited as I am!)

Box Topper:  According to the box, there are sequentially numbered box toppers seeded 1:24 boxes (or one in every 2.4 cases!)  I can only hope there is one lurking in my case...  For the first box, our box topper wrapper looks like the following:

And opening it up, we got:

TG 19.  Carlos Santana - Indians

Right off the bat, Jason C. scores a nice card in the Santana!  These almost look and feel like large photographs.  The back of the card has a bit of a write-up and a different black and white photo, very newspaper-esque.

Now, let's get to the packs!  Here's a scan of those as well for posterity.

Box 1 - Pack 1: 

 4.  Buster Posey - Giants

There certainly could be worse ways to start a pack!  I think I'm destined to pull a ton of Posey cards over the next few years, he might be the new Jeff Bagwell for me in that I get an inordinate number of cards for a player on a team that I don't collect (or even care much for)!
9.  Matt Holiday - Cardinals
18.  Brett Anderson - Athletics

And so you can see what the back of a base card looks like.  They aren't exciting (as others have mentioned) but they are different from the base set (which I appreciate).
28.  Aramis Ramirez - Cubs
108.  Hank Aaron - Braves

 This turned out to be a good pack for the Braves, the Aaron card is really nice and there is another Brave two cards down...
116.  Pedro Alvarez - Pirates
164.  Brandon Beachy - Braves
38.  Platinum Diamond:  Chris Carpenter - Cardinals

This was a nice pack for the Cardinals too!  The Carpenter card is (I believe) one of the Platinum Diamond cards (seeded 1:4 packs).  It has a metallic sheen coating on the front while the back is the same as the regular base card back.  A full set of the Platinum Diamonds would probably look quite "high end" in a binder...even if the card stock is a bit thin.

Let's open Pack 2 as well.

Box 1 - Pack 2:

37.  Justin Upton - Diamondbacks
45.  Ryan Howard - Phillies
57.  Willie McCovey - Giants
71.  Kurt Suzuki - Athletics
159.  Yonder Alonso - Reds
170.  Tom Seaver - Reds

176.  Miguel Tejada - Giants
TV21.  Topps Venezuelan:  Cliff Lee

The Topps Venezuelan cards are seeded 1:12 packs.  The fronts look exactly the same as the base cards but the backs are in Spanish.  Even better, the little legal blurbage at the bottom of the card is also in Spanish (a nice touch if you ask me)!  I can't say this is an insert set that I plan to collect - but I do like the throwback idea!