Topps Lineage Group Break: 2010 UD - Pack 17

*Pre-pack opening note:  It's currently quarter of eleven at night on Thursday, August 11 when I am typing this post up.  Earlier today, my wife and I got our first puppy - a beautiful golden retriever puppy that we named Addie.  She's currently sleeping on my feet right now - and being that softie that I am, I refuse to stand up and wake her to get to the scanner...  Sorry, no scans for this pack - you'll have to settle for a picture of my puppy playing in the yard earlier today.

If all goes well, the case of Lineage should arrive (via FedEx) today.  I didn't think that FedEx delivered on Saturdays at all (or at least not in my area) but I guess I am about to find out!  Until the case arrives, let's keep working on those Upper Deck packs.

Pack 17: 

558.  Citi Field - Mets
113.  Aramis Ramirez - Cubs
592.  Duke and Doumit - Pirates Checklist - Pirates
132.  Alex Rios - White Sox
355.  Jonathan Albaladejo - Yankees
314.  Kevin Slowey - Twins
443.  Ian Snell - Mariners
131.  Josh Fields - White Sox
400.  Zach Duke - Pirates
SB-192.  Season Biography:  Willy Aybar - Rays
246.  Joakim Soria - Royals
417.  Clayton Richard - Padres
106.  Jonathan Papelbon - Red Sox
516.  Aaron Hill - Blue Jays
204.  Bobby Seay - Tigers
142.  Justin Lehr - Reds
9.  Tyler Flowers - White Sox
442.  Russell Branyan - Mariners


  1. What a pudge-muffin!!!

    Fred approves. she's our Golden, as well as the source of the GR in have a GReat day!!! (Golden Retriever!!) Awesome choice.
    Are you crate training her??

  2. Yeah, we are trying to crate train her. She's our first puppy, so this is all a new experience for us!

  3. The only other HUGE piece of advice I can offer. Take pictures, take LOTS of pictures. They grow up too frickin fast. Take bunches and bunches of pictures now while they are little fuzzballs. The one thing I really missed out on with my first dog, Seven, were the pictures. I did not have a digital camera at the time. saves us a ton on the girls' meds (heartworm and such) Good luck dude, enjoy her, and give a big ole rub on the belly from Dawgbones, ay!


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