Topps Lineage Group Break: Box 1 - Packs 13 and 14

Good morning everyone!  Let's start the work week off right with another pair of Topps Lineage packs.  The group break is moving along nicely, we are over halfway done with the first box and Monday's barely begun.  If all goes well, the break will be wrapped up no later than this weekend and everything should be in the mail shortly thereafter.  Of course, I will be posting packs ahead of time (if I'm able to) so I might be able to get the cards in the mail before the final packs are busted.  No promises though as I've been really busy with the puppy!

Anyhow, let's bust two more packs before you get bored with my rambling and click on over to some other blogs.

Pack 13:

34.  Kyle Drabek - Blue Jays

48.  Carlton Fisk - Red Sox
52.  Andre Dawson - Cubs
130.  Joe Mauer - Twins
135.  Tim Lincecum - Giants
148.  Aroldis Chapman - Reds
156.  Austin Jackson - Tigers
154.  1975 Mini:  Fergie Jenkins - Cubs

First a Johnny Bench mini, now a Fergie Jenkins mini.  Not a bad pair of minis to pull from the box huh?!

Pack 14:

41.  Vladimir Guerrero - Orioles
95.  Johnny Mize - Giants
188.  Daniel Hudson - Diamondbacks
198.  Andruw Jones - Braves
159.  1975 Mini:  Yonder Alonso

Two of the three minis have now been Reds.  So far, I'm liking Topps Lineage quite a bit because there is a nice selection of Reds players past and present.  Speaking of past Reds players...
75R-ADU.  1975 Mini Relic:  Adam Dunn - White Sox

This is a really nice little relic card (and it is little, it's a mini card)!  I think it would be awesome to collect the full set of '75 Mini relics judging by how much I like this one.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that it is a card of the Big Donkey, one of my favorite players when he was with the Reds (even if he was frustrating to watch at times).

Good stuff there.  We've still got 10 packs to go, will we get lucky and find an extra hit or did I just happen to pull the packs with the hits in them early this time?  I honestly have no idea - but we'll all know shortly!