Topps Lineage Group Break: Box 1 - Packs 21 and 22

There are only four packs left in the first box of Lineage...I think it's safe to say we will finish off box 1 today!  Let's see what goodies might be lurking in the fourth and third to final packs in the box.

Box 1 - Pack 21:

 84.  Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers
92.  Clay Buchholz - Red Sox
98.  Evan Longoria - Rays
152.  David DeJesus - Athletics
191.  Johnny Bench - Reds
199.  CC Sabathia - Indians
20 of 20.  2011 Rookies:  Brett Wallace - Astros

102.  Diamond parallel:  Cole Hamels - Phillies

 That's the first insert or parallel for the Astros, good to see another team get on the board in terms of "exciting" cards!

Box 1 - Pack 22:

33.  Tony Perez - Reds
46.  Logan Morrison - Marlins
53.  Mike Schmidt - Phillies
124.  Franklin Gutierrez - Mariners
133.  Zack Greinke - Brewers
142.  Dan Haren - Angels
169.  Cliff Lee - Phillies
169.  1975 Mini:  Cliff Lee - Phillies

I suppose this gives me a great opportunity to show a full size card next to one of the 1975 minis.  As you can see, the '75 minis are much larger than the minis we've been used to lately (such as Ginter, Gypsy Queen, or even Kimball Champions).  This was also a hot pack for the Phillies with three players from the city of Brotherly Love in it!