Topps Lineage Group Break: Box 1 - Packs 23 and 24

It's time for the final two packs of the first Lineage box.  Let's see if the best really was saved for last!

Box 1 - Pack 23:

2.  Derek Jeter - Yankees
19.  Larry Walker - Rockies
26.  Grady Sizemore - Indians
110.  Thurman Munson - Yankees
119.  Matt Cain - Giants
144.  Roy Campanella - Dodgers
19 of 20.  2011 Rookies:  Corey Luebke - Padres

47.  Platinum Anniversary:  Lance Berkman - Cardinals

And now, for the final pack of Box 1 (will this one hold an elsuive Royal)?

Box 1 - Pack 24:

 8.  Francisco Liriano - Twins
15.  Curtis Granderson - Yankees
30.  Chase Utley - Phillies
43.  Victor Martinez - Tigers
105.  Ty Cobb - Tigers
122.  Paul O'Neil - Yankees
128.  Vernon Wells - Angels
174.  Platinum Anniversary:  Adam Jones - Orioles

Well, we made it to the end of the first (of two) Lineage boxes without a single Royals card.  If I were a Royals fan, that would make me angry.  Luckily, in this particular break, no one chose the Royals as their only team so I don't feel quite as bad.  Hopefully we have some KC luck with the second box!

Let's take a look at the Group Break Statistics after one Lineage box (note:  None of the Upper Deck cards are included in the statistics since those were "bonus" cards for this break)!  The best thing for the break so far is that the love has been spread around many different teams!  How has the break been for you so far?  Check out the stats below:


  1. So far I'm lovin' it. Even despite nary a Royal to be seen. The cards have been racking them up. Keep it coming, can't wait to see the next box.


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