Topps Lineage Group Break: Box 2 - Packs 11 and 12

At the conclusion of this post, we will be halfway done with the final box of Lineage in the break.  Hooray!

Pack 11:

 45.  Ryan Howard - Phillies

57.  Willie McCovey - Giants
71.  Kurt Suzuki - Athletics
82.  Ike Davis - Mets
176.  Miguel Tejada - Giants
185.  Ian Kinsler - Rangers
193.  Joe Morgan - Astros
2. Platinum Diamond:  Derek Jeter - Yankees

This card ought to make BA Benny happy as well!

Pack 12:

1.  Sandy Koufax - Dodgers

20.  Justin Morneau - Twins
32.  Jon Lester - Red Sox
44.  Jay Bruce - Reds
171.  Ryne Sandberg - Cubs
186.  Mel Ott - Giants
195.  Chipper Jones - Braves
81.  Platinum Diamond:  Andruw Jones - Yankees

Just in case the Jeter wasn't enough, here's a second Platinum Diamond card for the Yankees in as many packs!  Some teams have all the luck huh?


  1. The Yankees are well represented in this set so it stands to reason I have gotten some great cards. I am very happy with my Yankees scores now how about a Mets hit to really make my day.


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