Monday, January 02, 2012

1999 UD Retro Box Break: Packs 11 and 12

Happy 1-2-12 day!  It's time for another couple of packs - including one of the best packs in the box!

Pack 11:
16.  Pedro Martinez
34.  Mark Kotsay
58.  Orlando Hernandez
94.  Steve Garvey

97.  Don Mattingly
106.  Reggie Jackson

Three retired legends in that pack - a nice pack to be sure...but it is no where near as nice as the next pack...

Pack 12: 
23.  Barry Larkin

This is the one card that I was hoping to get in the set!  A brand new Larkin card for my collection.  I must say, if anyone has another one of these though I'd love to trade for it so that I can have one card in my Larkin binder and the other in the Retro set binder (once I put these cards in a binder)!
42.  Jeremy Giambi
53.  Robin Yount
73.  Trevor Hoffman
95.  Ozzie Smith
S25.  Old School/New School:  Scott Rolen  #0347/1000

This is the Version 1 type card and is sequentially numbered to 1000 (can you find the numbering on the's a bit tricky).  The front of the card has a rather jarring amount of foil (considering that's the only card thus far with any type of foil on it in the box).  I don't think I fully understand why these are called Old School/New School cards when the fronts have only "new school" on them.  It's a bit weird to say the least - but hey, you can't complain about pulling a serially numbered card (even if it is out of 1000) from a box of cards from 1999!


hiflew said...

The Old School / New School is half veterans (#1-15) and half rookies (#16-30). The rookies are foiled like crazy and the vets are black and white shots with no foil.

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