Friday, January 27, 2012

Barry Larkin Collection 117: 1994 Bowman's Best #95 - Mirror Image

Barry Larkin and Derek Jeter
Year:  1994
Brand:  Bowman's Best
Subset:  Mirror Image
Card number:  95

The Mirror Image cards were seeded 1 per pack in Series 1 of the 1994 Bowman's Best set.  Although inserted at a special rate, the cards were numbered as part of the regular base set (which is a confusing base set - two versions, one red and one blue - each number having two different players associated with it, one for each color).  There was only one version of the Mirror Image cards per number at least.

The front of the card features a bit of shiny gloss and a fairly solid design.  The back of the card, however, is horrific.  I don't know what type of drunk monkey thought it would be a good idea to simply slap text down on the card and orient it any which way, but that monkey ought to have been fired long before he or she had access to card development plans.  Yikes!


Kyle4KC said...

I blaim that darn grunge music those kids were listening to! Made them crazy!

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