Tuesday, January 03, 2012

UD Retro Box Break: Packs 13 and 14

I've been having a blast sorting through my lunch box full of 1999 UD Retro cards - here are the next two packs for your enjoyment as well.

Pack 13:
6.  Matt Williams
15.  Nomar Garciaparra

35.  Alex Gonzalez
46.  Jeremy Burnitz
70.  J.D. Drew
109.  Eddie Murray
Now that I've busted and collated 12 packs (not counting this one), it's clear that Upper Deck has put all the players of each team in alphabetical order by team.  In other words (because what I just wrote didn't exactly make sense), the set starts off with the Anaheim Angels and ends with the Toronto Blue Jays (actually the set ends with a bunch of legendary players but I don't have enough of those yet to see if they are also sorted by team).  Based on what I've opened so far, it is only possible for there to be four Reds in the set - either that or there is another Indian...  I could look up the full set checklist but what fun is that?  A little mystery is good.

Pack 14: 
7.  Greg Maddux
18.  Mark Grace
24.  Manny Ramirez
Remember what I just said about wondering if there was a fourth Red in the set or another Indian?  That question is now answered - another Indian.  
52.  Mike Piazza
100.  Rollie Fingers

108.  Ernie Banks

Although I didn't get any inserts or other "cool" cards in the two packs - I must say that I really like the Ernie Banks card a lot!  The Rollie Fingers card is kind of cool too just because of his sweet 'stache!


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