Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Group Break 4 in 2012 Is OFFICIALLY OPEN! Details and Sign-Ups Here!

That's right, thanks to the good folks at Baseball Card Exchange I am pleased to announce the next Nachos Grande Group Break!

For Break #4 in 2012, we have FIVE different boxes to open.  The total cost is $25.00 for one team of your choice or $30.00 for two teams - one of your choice and one random.  In general, people have had pretty good luck the random teams so I'm hoping that all 30 teams will get claimed this time around!

Please send payment via PayPal to the email address in my profile.  When paying, please pay as "gift" and DO NOT put any other information in the payment. Instead, send me a separate email stating:
1. Your user name you used to sign up for the group break
2. Your email address used for payment
3. The team(s) you claimed.
4. Your mailing address

ALL TEAM CLAIMS MUST BE MADE ON THIS FORM. PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 24 HOURS. If you cannot pay in that time frame, please email me and perhaps we can work something out! 

Here are the five boxes:

We begin with box of 1999 Pacific Revolution.  

This is a retail box which contains 24 packs.  I don't see how many cards per pack but knowing Pacific at that time, it's probably 3 or 4 (the box feels sort of light).  The set itself is made up of 150 different cards.  There are red (retail only) paralells numbered to 1999 and a few other inserts including Foul Pole Net-Fusions (seeded 1:49).  I'm hoping we land one of the Foul Pole cards - and at basically 1 per every other box, we have about a 50/50 chance.  Here's an example of one of the Net-Fusion cards yanked from eBay:
Sample card from eBay

Next up, a box of 2002 Fleer Flair.

The 2002 Flair box features 20 packs (5 cards per pack) PLUS a sweet swatch jumbo pack.  The overall odds for Memorabilia cards is 1:6 packs (meaning we should get 3-4 hits in the box).  There is also either a Sweet Swatch Autographed card or Game-Worn oversized Memorabilia card in the box! 

Moving on, the third box in the break is from 2003.  It's the 2003 Donruss Champions box.

The Donruss Champions box features 24 packs with 8 cards per pack.  The box features both autographs and relics though I couldn't find any specific odds as to how many to expect.  According to Dave and Adams, it looks like there should be two autographs or relic cards per box on average.  I should mention that the box advertises that there are randomly inserted cards of World Series Champs which honors the 2002 World Champion Angels (seeded 1 per box on average).  This would be a nice group break for Angel fans to jump in on since there is an entire set dedicated to your team winning the World Series!

Through three boxes, we are at 5-7 hits...  The next box doesn't feature any relics or autos - but it does feature a chance at die-cut cards plus plenty of parallels.  1999 Pacific Paramount.

When I saw Pacific boxes available at Baseball Card Exchange, I couldn't help but get excited.  Pacific cards are always fun to open - and since most people don't have a lot of Pacific stuff, it should mean there will be new cards for everyone no matter what team(s) you end up with!  The Paramount box features 36 packs (retail) but I don't know how many cards per pack (I'd guess 5 based on weight but that's only a guess).

Finally, the final box of the break is another beauty!  The box is 2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber.

The Leather & Lumber box features 24 packs with 5 cards per pack.  The box also includes 4 autographs or memorabilia cards on average!  There are a variety of inserts (expect 12 per box) and lots of different "hits" including Platinum Signatures which are all 1 of 1s!  There are Bat Barrel cards, MLB Logo cards, Fielding Glove cards, Baseball swatch cards, dual relics, Batting Glove relics, Shoe relics, and plenty of multi-relic combinations.  I'm REALLY excited to open this box as the possible hits sound really fun!

Note:  Any dual relics will be randomed off amongst the represented teams.  In an effort to encourage people to grab the "random team" option to help me get rid of some of the lesser teams for a cheap price, I will no longer give preference to a claimed team as in previous breaks.  

And here are the available teams:
Note:  Some teams were "pre-claimed" in a previous posts.  Those who pre-claimed have 24 hours (i.e. until 8:30 PM EST on April 4th) to make their payment - or at least confirm they are in.  If that doesn't happen, I will open up any unpaid teams at that point for anyone else to claim!

Here are the available teams:
Teams remaining:  0
Last update: 4/5/12 at 9:00 PM EST

Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves  - Community Gum - PAID +1
Baltimore Orioles - CaptKirk41 - PAID +1
Boston Red Sox  - Jon (Payment in a couple of days) +1
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs - Tunguska (payment pending) +1
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande - PAID
Cleveland Indians - Baseball Dad - PAID
Colorado Rockies - Jaybarkerfan +1 (payment on Fri)
Detroit Tigers
Florida Marlins
Houston Astros
Kansas City Royals 
Los Angeles Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers - Stealing Home - PAID +1
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets
New York Yankees - Dutch Card Guy - PAID +1
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies - Brad - PAID +1
Pittsburgh Pirates - Pirate's Treasure Room - PAID +1
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants - apba66and0 - PAID +1
 Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals - Ike's Cards - PAID
Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate +1 (payment in mail)
Toronto Blue Jays
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos  - CaptKirk41  - PAID +1   



I would like the Tribe please !

Stealing Home said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FanOfReds said...

Clarificatin: The $5.00 additional is for a "random" team which is assigned from all the unclaimed teams once the break is full.

FanOfReds said...


Stealing Home said...

i'll put in the extra $5 for a random team. payment arriving now...

Tunguska said...

Cubs +1 please.

Brad's Blog said...

Payment coming shortly and i'll put in the extra 5 bucks for a random team

Jon said...

Would like Red Sox again + one random.

Pirates Treasure Room said...

Pirates and a random please. Payment coming tomorrow morning. Just got home from Pirates vs. Phillies game.

night owl said...

I have one of those foul pole cards (Mondesi). They're very cool.

Play at the Plate said...

Chris, I just sent an email and I'll take a +1.

Community Gum said...

Can't believe the Braves aren't taken yet. I'll take them! give me a +1 and I'll keep my fingers crossed it'll be White Sox or Padres. Payment shortly

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Yankees + 1 additional slot. Paid some extra for shipping. thanks !

apba66and0 said...

I'll take the Giants plus 1. I'm also collecting the 1999 Revolution and would be willing to trade something I might get for these wants:
3, 73, 77, 114, 126, 129, 142, 148
Foul Pole Fusions - 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18
I also have 2000 Foul Pole Fusions of Jeter, Pedro and Ripken if necessary.

FanOfReds said...

I have updated the post to reflect all the currently claimed teams (and payments). If I missed anyone, please let me know. Also, there are still 9 slots remaining - I'd love to fill the entire break if I could!

jaybarkerfan said...

I'll take the rockies plus a random. Payment via Paypal on Friday.

Pirates Treasure Room said...

payment sent. Thanks for being patient

CaptKirk42 said...

Looks like Ryan didn't take the O's. Guess I'll have to snag them and the Expos (I'd say Nationals but all the products are pre-2005 this break) plus Randoms so I owe $60? Now to compose an email and get payment in sometime today.

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