Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Box Review: 1999 Pacific Revolution (Retail)

The 1999 Pacific Revolution set featured 150 cards in the main set along with a variety of parallels and insert sets.  According to the box, there are 25 short-printed rookies in the set.  Unfortunately, information on the set seems to be fairly scarce on the internet so hopefully my box review will shed some light on a set that is actually quite nice!

The pack wrapper states the odds for the various inserts - but in a weird twist, it also mentions hobby only insert sets (weird because this is a retail box)!

As you can see, we can expect the following (the retail box contains 24 packs):

  • Red Retail Parallel:  199 serial-numbered sets
  • Major League Icons:  1:121 packs
  • Thorn in the Side Die-Cuts:  1:25 packs
  • Diamond Legacy:  2:25 packs 
  • Foul Pole Net-Fusions:  1:49 packs 

Let's check out the box:

The base cards are all extremely shiny.  My box contained 66 different base cards with no duplicates (always appreciated)!  The base set is organized by team - my box contained two Reds:  Barry Larkin and Mike Cameron.

I don't know for sure which rookies are short printed - but my box contained six different rookies.  My hunch is that the all the rookies are short printed and that rookies are seeded 1:4 packs.

Assuming I am correct, that means that the short prints are scattered throughout the sets (rookies are grouped with the respective teams).

Summing up the base set, I ended up with 60 regular base cards (out of 125) and 6 short prints (out of 25).  That means a single box can be expected to provide 48% of the non-short print base set and 24% of the short prints.  In total, you get 66 base cards out of 150 which is 44% of the set.  If the packs had yielded four cards instead of three, you'd have a chance to complete the non-short printed set in two boxes.  As it stands, you'd have to buy three boxes with great collation to complete the regular set (and 5 boxes with great collation to complete the full base set with short prints).

Along with the base cards, there were a few different insert sets.  First, the retail only red parallels (numbered out of 299).  My box yielded two:  Eric Karros and David Justice.  Although they don't scan well, these are great looking parallels!

The box also contained two of the Diamond Legacy cards (as one would expect), Ben Grieve and Tony Gwynn.

The Diamond Legacy cards are really shiny - and they sort of have a Topps Black Gold feel to them.   Not a bad looking insert set!

The stated odds also suggest that we should find a single Thorn in the Side insert card - which we did.  This one of Greg Maddux.

I have to admit, I am a sucker for die-cuts done correctly - and this one is a great example of the cut card design working with the set design.

As for the stated odds, if there were no other cards we would be spot on.  However, our box featured one more beauty - a 1:49 packs Net-Fusions card of Tony Gwynn.

The card features actually netting in a cut-out winder making this the most unique card of the break (and one of the most unique cards I've ever pulled for that matter).

All told, I'm completely satisfied with the box of Pacific Revolution.  Even more amazing, we get that many "good" cards out of a retail box (something I doubt you'd find true for most modern retail products).

Overall, I give the 1999 Pacific Revolution the following rating:
Set design:  A
Collation:  A+
Opening Thrill:  B+
Overall:  A- 

Hitting a non-promised insert was a nice bonus.  The short printed rookies stink in a three-cards-per-pack product.  The set design is nice, so long as you like shiny cards - the red parallels are gorgeous.  I'd happily open another box of the product again, though I'd like to try and track down a hobby box to see some of the hobby only insert sets!


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